July 21, 2009

Up to Our Ears

We had a busy weekend and a busy start to the week. We're up to our ears in house projects (we got a bead board ceiling in the front porch!), green beans, cherries and sand. Piper and I met her Marmar, three aunties and an uncle for a midway picnic yesterday. Marmar and Grandpapa gave Piper a beach set from the same company that made her kitchen ware, all made from recycled milk jugs. Intended for use at the city pool, but perfect for a sandbox too.

Her gift came just in time for Zac to bring home a sandbox and sand. Yes, it's plastic which goes against all our toy philosophies and ideals. We needed something with a cover to keep the nature preserve we now live on sans Binger out of the sand, a compromise was in order. Plus its used so really we're recycling (desperately trying to justify it here.) Although its ours, its technically in the neighbor's yard, so that his granddaughter can use it too. In exchange for Piper using their swings on an almost daily basis.

Between bread rising and hanging laundry Piper played in the sand and swung on the swing. She gets in and covers herself in sand, in an organic way I truly admire. I see hours of sandy fun in our future.

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