February 21, 2011

The Ordinary Week

My last post made me think: What exactly did we do this week that made it go so quickly? I looked back at the week's photos. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Maybe it's those ordinary weeks that go the quickest. Those that we really need to pause and appreciate before they're gone - onto another sort of ordinary. I'm still amazed at how quickly these little change our ordinary.

This week in between our outside play and some naps we:

: : Jumped and rolled around together on the big bed. Which doesn't seem so big when all four of us are in it at once. : :

: : Checked our our next chapter book, The Wizard of Oz. We're down to the last couple of chapters in Charlotte's Web. This mama still in awe of the interest in chapter books by my three year old. : :

: : Had an indoor picnic that required bringing every snack out of the pantry. A sampling of sorts, everything was tried. : :

: : Did some art - a collage of cut up paint chips. Leftovers from Zac's office makeover. He didn't have any idea the direction he wanted to take it. I did, but wanted him to come to my direction on his own. There are lots of discarded paint chips for art now. For me this project was a lesson in letting go. I set her up, then had to bit my tongue as she glued many chips color side down. Her project her way. : :

: : Made bread, left to rise in the warm sun of the patio door. It drew curious littles, keeping vigilant watch over the process. After a quick explanation of why we can't touch it, Piper quickly told Calder all about it - as if she'd known all along. : :

And some things, luckily, change more slowly. My toddler still looks like a baby when he sleeps. Sigh!


Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet to be a babe on a blankie!
Love Piper's crown too!

Just Breathe,
Aunt Christina

HomeGrownMama said...

Ooooh, babies sleeping. I still just want to sit and watch (both of them) sleep at times.


Anonymous said...

Miss Pip certainly has an excellent sense of style.
Love Ollie

HomeGrownMama said...

Oh Ollie - does she ever, does she ever!