February 11, 2011

An Excuse

Ah, how fast your knitting unravels. All those hours I put in on Super Bowl Sunday were quickly undone on Tuesday afternoon. I bound off and tried it on...not what I wanted. Proceed to unraveling. Hours of knitting comes undone in under five minutes I tell you. Slightly disheartening. I saw it as a opportunity, an excuse, to use my new toy.

I'm working on this large (huge!) project for Zac and since I'm no longer frequenting the local yarn shop in Stoughton where they let you use their swift and ball winder, I invested in my own. Well the ball winder - I've yet to find a good deal on a swift. I'm not the only one excited about this addition to our home. Zac was happy that he wouldn't have to hold a skein of yarn while I slowly and tediously wound it into a ball. Then he found out the winder replaces only my job in that process. For the time being I think a chair can do Zac's job, however.

And the littles, well how can a little not love something like a ball winder.

Both littles love to turn the handle and watch the yarn wind up. Calder is a bit easier to convince that he needs some assistance. Piper just has at it, turning this way, then that way, and creates a little rats nest of her yarn scraps.

Zac's been home with us all week. He's on vacation. I asked when I get vacation. He joked that I should have checked the 'benefits package' when I accepted this job - after three years I get one night a week of yoga, after five I start to accrue vacation days. Lucky, for me the other benefits of this job far out weigh those. And most days/weeks all I need is my one night off for yoga and maybe a little time alone in my closet. Over all, it's been an uneventful week. We did, though, take a little getaway on Wednesday and Thursday. More on that to come.

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Your mama has a swift! How is free for a good deal. Marmar

HomeGrownMama said...

Fantastic! I should have guessed you'd have something like that stashed away.