February 18, 2011

This and That

Gah! Where did the week go?! I know I promised you water park stuff. But after going through the camera there really wasn't much that is post worthy.

We went to the Wilderness with another family. We had fun, so much in fact that neither of us took pictures at any of the parks. That's fine we have the memories. Piper had fun. Was up for trying most things. Didn't wan't to go down the dark tunnel ride by herself. But was thrilled with the wave pool. After going in a time or two with Zac she offered to take me in it. And took me she did. She was quite specific on what we needed to do. First I had to get us a tube, then get us in it - her on my lap, then paddle us to to the far part where the waves start (that part was much harder than anticipated). Yes, we had fun.

We've been having some unexpected, but most welcome, warm weather. We went for our first spring walk! Tried to visit our new local park. The paths were still snow covered so getting up the hill with Piper's stroller proved difficult. The snow hand just begun to melt. It was just so nice to be out and walking around with out freezing every exposed piece of skin.

We did a little bit of playing on our patio and 'yard'. Its fortunate that our patio is just off the yard in front of our building. A bit of space for us to play in.

Calder did some shovel work. Or so he thought.

Piper ran around that tree and acted like the yard was huge! Bless her heart for making me feel better about not having a yard for the littles. She made the most of the space she had, searching in the trees, bushes, and rocks for 'nature'.

With spring on my mind, I'm hoping to container garden on our humble patio. Anyone have experience, tips or resources to share?


Anonymous said...

Get a HUGE container for tomatoes like Grandma Green. And Calder's face when he is on your back is priceless.

HomeGrownMama said...

Ollie! That was my first thought too - GG's tomato buckets. Then I found some directions online for making an upside down tomato pot where you can grow herbs in the top. I think that's the route I'll go for tomatoes. He's been making that 'o' mouth all week. So cute! Points and 'ooo's. :)