February 08, 2011

So 'They' Won

I'm a bit behind in posting. Sunday was the Super Bowl. A big day (mostly for Zac) even though 'our' team wasn't playing. We went to the same Super Bowl party we did last year. Although, last year it just required a walk across the street. This year we had to drive 25 minutes from Madison. It's quite the crowd at this party. All Bears fans. And the folks that host the party aren't into football. Fun none the less. Mostly the kids got to play and I got nearly four hours of intermittent knitting time. Piper did get into the game, despite her realization that she had no "Packer Backer" (I think she may think that is the full team name) gear. She even made up a cheer after the second half that she used. 'Lets go Packer Backers, lets go!' Best of all, she enjoyed that Black Eyed Peas was the half time show and even started to imitate some of their dance moves. Cute and funny! And when the Packer Backers won she threw her arms up in the air and cheered but was most concerned with if Grandpapa was happy about that.

Our contribution to the party snacks was a first for us - and I *think* a last. Bacon brownies. At some point during last week we saw a documentary on bacon and they showed these bacon brownies a restaurant serves. Zac immediately said we needed to make them and bring them to the party. A quick search for a recipe and we had our plan. They were alright. Interesting texture. Rich. I thought they'd be excellent, being a fan of sweet and salty. I had one and have no desire to have another. Surprising considering my love of anything chocolate.

Sorry to all you vegetarians friends. I used to be one of you - alas breastfeeding and a second pregnancy got the best of me. Way to ruin a good pan of brownies with meat!

We hope you all had a wonderful Super Bowl.

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