March 30, 2011

A Farming We Will Go ... Went

Last week we spent a few days farming. We hadn't been up for for a number of weeks. Had made plans that got pushed off for one reason and then another. We had a great time. We got to see nearly all of the family up there, even some from out of town with coinciding visits and some friends. 

Like Piper did a few years ago, Calder took a liking to my youngest brother. I guess he's fun, knows what the littles like to play. 

While it was spring in Madison, it was still winter up north. There was lots of snow. A visit to Gigi's (my grandma) provided some time to play in the snow banks. Something we've missed having no yard for the past few months.


Piper found a puddle despite the temps that were barely over 20. That sun! Clad in her barn boots she proceeded to do some puddle stomping. Calder quickly saw the appeal and joined in minus the barn boots.  His stomping is still elementary and soon had soaking went pants. He didn't mind a bit.

Since our return Piper has talked daily about returning. My girl loves her farming time!


Anonymous said...

She should! Come back now!

HomeGrownMama said...


I think once Dylan starts his chicken delivery route and she has the option to go with him she'll want to go a lot.