March 07, 2011

Imaginative Fashion

Shortly after Piper turned three she announced, 'now that I'm three I can get dressed myself.' And so she does. Its actually quite hard to talk her into something other than what she's picked out. Back when she was two, she'd have a day or two here or there where she'd want to pick a shirt or bottom but was happy to wear what I suggested.

I decided I was going to document Piper's outfits for a week or ten days. In the beginning, she obliged me by standing in front of the wall while I snapped away. Shortly after I started, she caught on and refused my request for a daily photo. I let it go and tried again a week or so later. Still Piper wasn't keen on the idea of posing for pictures. We'll just post what we have.

Piper mostly likes to wear anything she can get on herself with ease, she can't always get buttons buttoned which is frustrating to her. Skirts and dresses are on the top of her list. On the rare off day, she completely shocks me and puts on something rather tame, like jeans and a shirt. More often than not, completely weather inappropriate clothes are chosen - no tights, short sleeve or just an undershirt, even shorts or capri pants now that we've started gathering for the upcoming seasons.

Some days its fashionable to wear your pants backwards. I asked if she was into Kris Kross. She said yea. I'm sure she doesn't know them. Maybe she's channeling my older brother circa 1994.

She loves loud, colorful, patterned pieces together. She's in love with accessories. Earring, necklaces, bracelets, rings, scarves, headbands (which she claims tames her crazy hair without needing to be combed), hats - you name it. She likes them in mass quantities some days.

A third googly eye? Why not.

Piper thinks fancy is tie-die - really she came to that idea on her own.

Excuse the cookie dough face.

Mostly we don't mind her choices. We let Piper go out of the house in whatever she chooses - so long as her legs are covered. She does not have much love for tights or leggings. Not even the really cute ones I got her after she started wearing skirts daily. We're happy to let her be herself. At three you have so little you get to decide for yourself - why not let her outfit be another thing she gets almost total control over.

Sure Piper gets lots of comments or looks and smiles or chuckles. Other moms or older women will tell her they like her outfit. I think over all people understand that Piper's dressing herself and expressing herself via imaginative fashion. Even on days when she wears a dress-up dress, costume or safari hat. People get it, accept it. Now if I wore that out I may not get the same response. How wonderful that she's completely accepted for her creativity and encouraged to do it.

Piper has even on occasion chosen what Calder wears. This day it was their champions shirts (complements of my Packer fan folks!) and skirts. Yea, Calder went along with it and wore a skirt.


Anonymous said...

That's not a's a kilt, Mama Bear! Love, marmar

HomeGrownMama said...

That is precisely what I tried to convince Zac of. Then I gave up and said what does it really matter if a boy wears a skirt.


Anonymous said...

Calder looks so utterly thrilled that he is wearing a skirt, just tell Zac that he has found his true self.
Love Ollie

HomeGrownMama said...

He was pretty tickled, wasn't he!


mle said...

I love it :) She has some great clothes!

HomeGrownMama said...

Thanks! We seem to do well with a mix of thrifted and handmade items.


jonesfamily0331 said...

I so enjoyed seeing Piper in all her outfits. The pictures brought a smile to this rather "rainy, dreary day." Thanks for the post!! AND, I LOVE the last picture of both of them. Made me laugh. GO PACKERS!!

HomeGrownMama said...

Yes, often her outfits can be mood lifting - so bright and bold. And as Piper says, 'they are the winners!'