March 31, 2011

Our Favorite Places: The Museum

Madison has a specular children's museum. It's one of our go to places when we want something fun to do, have nothing else to do, or want to plan a play date. We go often, yet it doesn't get old. The exhibits change just enough to keep these littles coming back for more. This week we met friends at the museum. 

If Calder was a man of more than just a few words, I'm sure he'd shout his love for the water room from the rooftop. As soon as he gets down the steps into the Wildernest, he books it to the water room and doesn't emerge until he's soaked through. The provided smocks are usually soaked and we normally don't even bother. On this day we managed to get one that was relatively dry. No matter, he still came out drenched. Calder always digs right in; getting his hands in there and on the cups - filling them and dumping them. Piper could really care less about this space. But she does like the books, the babies, drums, bridge, capes and puppets in other parts of the Wildernest. The kid sized rainbow brooms are loved by both; scooped up as soon as they are abandoned by another child. They'll sweep the whole place.

Another spot of interest is in Possible-opolis. There is a display of kid built mechanized pieces that turn on when buttons are pushed. A similar set up turns the lights on in a doll house.

We spent some time at the light table in the Art Studio. Looking at slides and using the magnetic building blocks. Isn't Calder such a dapper man?! Some of the summer sewing for him was bow ties. Because who doesn't love to see a little man in a bow tie. 

Piper wore another of her new dresses. A simple dress with a gathered neck and sleeves made from soft and comfy Swiss dot fabric. Inspired by a request by one of Piper's friends, I made a bunch of clips and headbands. So far, Piper has enjoyed having her hair combed and done up with a clip. 

Calder's standard face when the camera comes out, or he's asked to say cheese.
Other spots of interest to my littles is the telephone booth, painting wall, dark room, the car and bake shop. On occasion the Gerbil Wheeel and the Hodgepodge Mahal climber for Piper. We can spend hours in the museum and still not get to do everything. Most trips, something is skipped. This trip it was the Rooftop Ramble. A first for us. We always, no matter the weather, go up to see the chickens. Our little friend wasn't feeling it, so Piper agreed to skip it and head for lunch. It's ok, we'll be back.


Camille said...

A few weeks ago the Children's Museum opened for an "adult swim" night on a Friday where they had a band and you could buy drinks and play on/with everything without your kids along. Apparently a concept suggested by parents. I wanted to go, but missed the date. Next time.

HomeGrownMama said...

Yes, I had saw that in their newsletter. We didn't go either. But it did look like a good time.


Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like lots of fun! I LOVE the bowtie Em! Pipster and Calderman look dapper in your threads.

Lots of Love,

Seza said...

Hi Hess Family:

The Dallum Family has been reading your blog for some time and just received your box today. What a wonderful bag full of future memories you have sent us. Frank will have a great time setting up camp with Tim (dad) and we'll be able to remember Ben's memories as we dream of faraway places and great adventures.

With Love and Gratefulness,

Tim, Sarah, Frank and Ben

HomeGrownMama said...


I knew that you'd have bow tie love. Watch out for any of your future boys.


HomeGrownMama said...


The package was delivered so quickly! I hope Frank is of the age to enjoy the fort kit. Zac guessed he was three. Your family continues to be in our thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Calder was a charmer before the bowtie, but who could resist him now? Of course you know I LOVE all of Piper's Mama-made threads - is it wrong to be a little jealous of a 3yr olds wardrobe? LOL

Just Breathe-

HomeGrownMama said...

Yes, quite charming that boy. Thank you for such kind words.