April 19, 2011

My Newspaper Boy

About two weeks ago now I finished this dapper hat for Calder. He had a khaki linen one last summer that I paid maybe $5 for on clearance. I found a pattern online, which went on sale just after I finished it. I decided I could make Calder a bigger one each year from now until he's way over wearing them. I'm guessing sooner or later he'll not be so agreeable to my fashion sense.

It was actually a bit of a sew. Not so much difficult, but time consuming. It's corduroy on the outside and lined with cream/green ticking. I'm loving this little man dressed up in items with a vintage feel.

I didn't have the right interfacing for the brim, instead I used what I had. In hindsight, I wish I hadn't. The brim is a little more flexible, wavy than I'd like it to be. Now I know for the next one.

I kind of feel like I've won with this one, Calder actually keeps it on his head. What more could a mama ask for.

And that's the last of the spring sewing I'm going to show off. I really feel every time I write a post like this I'm saying, 'look at me Mom, look what I did!' The other things are not so exciting, dyed and embellished onesies and tees (like the one Calder's got on here), skirts and the like. So that's all folks.


Anonymous said...

Look out Payne Stewart....

Another cute creation Emmy! Job well done. Hope all is well!


HomeGrownMama said...

I had to look up who Payne Stewart was. I see he likes the newspaper boy look too.

Thanks much!

mle said...

I really like to see your projects! Thanks for sharing. You've been an inspiration to me quite often :)

HomeGrownMama said...

Thank you Emily!


Anonymous said...

The hat is awesome! Love the color. Sad to know this is the last peek of Emmables we will see.
I never thought it was a "look ma" thing I always thought you were sharing it specifically with me... you know how much I dig your style. You're a hip hip lady nothing wrong with letting us know it.

Just Breathe,

HomeGrownMama said...

Thank you Christina. As always handmades are a part of life here and will continue to make their way to the blog. I think we've seen enough spring/summer stuff for a bit. Soon it will be time to focus on vacation sewing. :)

~ emmy