April 04, 2011

Our Favorite Places: The Library

Another of our weekly outings and favorite places is the library. We had become quite familiar with and comfortable at our 'old library' as Piper calls it in Stoughton. Now that we've moved we've been frequenting, and getting to know our new library. Much to Piper's delight they have many more Berenstein Bears books to choose from here. They even have Mama and Papa Bear on a quilt that Piper points out on every visit. 

Another point of interest for our little book worm is this little check-out area. They have a train table, building blocks and puzzles, but none of those perk Piper's interest like this does. Even at home to likes to play 'order' or 'bookstore.' The library's little produce store is a big draw with its pretend cash register. 

Piper likes to find a spot and read some her new finds. Sometimes in the castle but most often in any chair she finds free. Calder is just starting to become a book worm, so I spend reading time following him around making sure the books he's pulled from the shelves get replaced.

I knew that library fun would be a good guise for sneaking a photo or two to show off another new summer piece. A super simple smocked top skirt.  Which she loves and has already worn many times. 

She was excited that I agreed to going out of the house with no socks on.


Anonymous said...

Piper knows what the real goods are, there is nothing quite like a building filled with books.

HomeGrownMama said...


You and her are the same in your love of books and the places you can find them.


jonesfamily0331 said...

I love the flower headband. Piper looks like such a big girl sitting on the couch reading her book. It's been too long since we spent time with you guys!

HomeGrownMama said...

She is getting big. I don't know where the time has gone. We'll be seeing you soon. :)