April 14, 2011

This Morning:

This morning followed a night of little sleep.  We made the most of it in an effort to keep our over tired moods at bay. This morning I am: 

playing go-fish before breakfast.

watching the littles read books.
loving that Piper reads to her baby brother about their favorite subject.

liking that Zac can bike to work.
wishing our apartment had a better place to store his bike.
appeasing requests to open the play dough container.

seeing lots of joint fun with the play dough.

fueling up on lots of coffee.

moving the crib out of the little's room...finally.
wondering why it took me so long. Ah, more breathing room!
removing the changing pad from the dresser - who am I fooling? No diaper changing happens there.

feeling fresh and new and clean.
kidding myself that the room will look like this for more than one day.

stopping at every passing to look at my morning's work again.

This morning I'm enjoying my Thursday, and hope you are too.

For anyone interested, there is a book club for the reading and discussion of the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne here. A great book for those of us parents that strive for a calm and simple life for our littles in this fast and often overstimulating world.


Anonymous said...

Love this, and will have to check out the book!

Just Breathe,

HomeGrownMama said...

Yes, definitely check out the book. I hope you'll like it.