April 18, 2011

At Times

When you're a mama under the weather and not on the top of your game, this might happen: 

At least I had the foresight to get him half undressed. Right? OK maybe I was too wiped out to wrangle the little man who prefers his birthday suit. When I realized what happened, my first thought was to get the camera. Damage was already done, might as well document it. It is kind of funny. And now, the markers have 'gone missing' from the art supplies. Smile.


Anonymous said...

Love it! As all good mama's know what's done is done... might was well preserve it for when we are ready to laugh about it... even it does take a few decades. LOL Funny that your markers are missing... for a bit all of Hannah's stickers took a vacation. Right after I found then glued to my kitchen floor.

Just Breathe,

HomeGrownMama said...

He was too proud of himself to even think of getting mad. So much so he didn't want to stop. Going missing was a must.