May 03, 2011

Our Favorite Places: The Zoo

The weather has turned, hopefully for good now. It's zoo time again! We've already visited a few times this season. I see many more visits in our future. Overall, it remains unchanged between visits, yet its always fun and interesting for the littles.  Our visit yesterday, with a friend, brought a new addition.  

The lions had a cub. He's six months old and cute. The papa made sure, via lots of noise, that he remained safe.

The primate house is a highlight of every trip. All were inside on our visit, but visible. Cute? Maybe to some. Not like that lion cub. We always have to compare hands to the monkey's and ape's. There just might have been a large growth spurt to suddenly make them monkey sizes. I think we're safe on ape sized...for now. The bears were out, actually most of the animals were out this trip, enjoying the sunshiny day.

 Although it's interesting to see the animals, this is the real highlight of the zoo. Their playground. The ground is soft and there are plenty of things for the smaller littles to do. The rest is just icing on the zoo playground cake.

Zoo trips aren't complete without a ride on the carousel. Calder likes to ride on the animals, he's brave like that. Piper, despite her attraction to the animals, prefers to ride on a bench. She thinks that the 'handlebar' on the animals is too big for her to hold on tight, she's safe like that. 

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