May 11, 2011

"The Shop"

So, it's open. My very own shop. After much encouragement from a few friends and Zac, I decided to go ahead with it. No matter how little time I have or how scary it is to put yourself 'out there' like that. Mostly, I started this whole shop idea because of my jackets. Then came the bowties - which are both fun and a quick sew.

I'm a mama and teacher to my littles first and foremost. That's not going to change. Creator/shop owner is back burner, happening in the free time while the littles sleep or otherwise occupied by the papa. I'm keeping my expectations for this low. Accepting that things will be slow to be added. After all it took over a month to get my first listings complete.

I have to admit part of the excitement over starting my shop came from Zac's suggestion to get my own business cards. Any of you that have my jackets - there are quite a few out in the world now, and would like a card or two to pass out when your little's jacket gets comment. Do they ever get commented on! Let me know, I'll get a few to you. With much appreciation.

I redesigned my tag and had them printed. Complete with care instructions on the back. Oh, how the little things make me giddy.

On the wonderful suggestion of a friend I started a Facebook page for the shop too.

I'm so appreciative and thankful for the support that has brought me here.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes!! This is awesome!

HomeGrownMama said...

Many thanks, Ollie!


Anonymous said...


I am so happy your "Label" is live out in the marketplace.


HomeGrownMama said...

Thank you, thank you!