March 26, 2009

Created In a Week

We have had some not so nice weather as of late, which has kept us in doors for the most part. Taking advantage of our rain enforced house arrest, I've been crafting. The end of last week was dedicated to new spring hats for the whole family. Mine is still on the needles.

Zac has been sporting his new hat on a regular basis, he actually may not have taken it off since I handed it over, even ended up sleeping in it one night. Must be that comfy. It was temporarily 'lost' under a pile for the pictures in the last post.

Piper's was finished up on the road trip to Ninepatch Saturday and has only been on a few times. Its the same pattern I used for the baby hat last week, just a size larger. Made of the same khaki organic cotton from Zac's hat.

Tuesday and Wednesday were dedicated to making this jacket as a birth day gift for a fellow homebirth baby. Modeled by my homebirth baby. Thanks to Zac, sweet man he is, for entertaining Piper Tuesday night (the kind of entertainment that ends with Piper refusing to put her clothes back on and go to bed) I was able to get an uninterrupted hour of sewing in making it a fairly quick sew. It's a fully reversible and flannel lined spring/fall jacket designed to fit for two years. This one is size 18m/2T. The pink buttons are vintage I picked up on one of my antique store trips. I think they look really nice against the chocolate polka dots. This is my second jacket of this design after a few more are made I think I'll try to sell for my addiction.


Irm said...

It's so cute to see Zac and Piper both looking down wearing their new hats. Love Grandma

HomeGrownMama said...

I noticed that too...the pose must be genetic.

Anonymous said...


You need to open up a shop. Your creations are so precious, not to mention the little one modeling your work! I love seeing all your homegrown goods! See you tomorrow!

DiAnne said...

What a talent. The coat is wonderful. We have a new grand daughter who may need a coat this fall...You can get orders from Missouri...DiAnne