February 23, 2010

A Boy and a Hat

While at the farm there were plenty of people willing to care for Calder. Change him, hold him, play with him, love him, everything except nurse him. Piper also had plenty to do with plenty of people. This all left me with a bit of free time to sit and knit.

I started and finished an 'Aviatrix Hat' for my littlest little. I have to say, the hat (and baby) are just too darn cute.

After a group dig through my mama's buttons, we found the perfect wooden button. We've decided that we can classify it as vintage, since the button collection came from Calder's great grandma, his Gigi.

I've cast on to make my other little a coordinating hat. Her's too will be finished off with a vintage button from Gigi's buttons.


Anonymous said...

Love the hat and the head it's keeping warm! Adorable!


Camille said...

I love this hat!! If I hadn't been concerned it would look ridiculous on a 27 year old, I would've requested an aviator cap myself.

Anonymous said...

Im a fruit loop I collect buttons!! Al kinds shapes, sizes and colors too. Im a bit odd I guess cuz Idont knit r sew or anything like that!!!! ttyl Emmy

Jessica B(from 6th Ave