February 03, 2010

Bowled Over

We had family night. Well to be accurate we have family night most nights. But this night was a reprieve from our normal family activity. We had a bit of snow that kept us home all day, we needed to get out and have some fun.

After a little pregame loving, we ventured out to our local bowling alley. Who could resist the lure of half price Tuesday. Not us. We got our gear congregated at our lane and set to showing Piper the fine art of throwing rocks. Much to the delight of all the adults in a three lane radius - who thought she was just the cutest bowler ever to enter the alley. And she was.

Piper would have liked to take every one's turn. But was equally excited when Papa threw his ball fast, and with the hand dryer (I mean heater), the shoes, the balls, and oh yes - the lemonade.

She did well, better than me. Papa still won, he has something against letting his two year old beat him. Even if he, and I, knows its on purpose. Calder fell asleep shortly after we arrived and slept through it all. How with all that noise is beyond me.

This might just be our weekly reprieve from the longest shortest month we call February.

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