February 21, 2010

Home at Last

We all at home, safe and sound. Zac returns with tales of adventure and near miss. We're glad to be at home together in our own beds. We've all returned with treasures of our travels; used books, new books, clip on earring from Gigi, beef, potatoes, eggs, fresh baked treats, and so on.

Piper, Calder and I will miss our mornings spent in the kitchen with Grandpapa and Marmar, nursing or playing near by. Breakfasts almost always consisting of Grandpapa's good eggs.

Photo by Gabriel
Photo by Gabriel Photo by Olivia
Big family dinners, with lots of non stop conversation and much laughter. And usually a bit of crab from a certain overly tired little lady from her day of play. Dinners of amazingly good home cooked food. Food so good you can taste the love and hard work that went into its making. Followed by an equally amazing homemade treat. A game of cards and a beer. Or some free time to knit and a beer.

Most of all we'll miss our family and the mountain of love they come with.


Anonymous said...

My dear Emmy
It was a absalute pleasure to have you and the rug rats here for so long. I miss you already and am wondering when you will be back.
p.s. we had oatmeal one day

HomeGrownMama said...

Oh yes, you're right Papa. There was also french toast.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing all these pics... makes me nostalgic for my family. Good times!