February 08, 2010

Cozy Bolero

I've been knitting. Not on what I should be. Even putting aside the sewing in the works for my first niece (on my side), a beautiful baby named Sylvee. But I've been knitting. I turned two of these:

Into this, a cozy bolero:

It's not my typical type of sweater. But it is warm - which I always like. This was my first knitting project resulting in something larger than a baby top. Only my second sweater. First was one I knit for Two, didn't like and discarded almost immediately. I'm thinking I may add a button, so I can close it if I want. Or maybe just because I like buttons and it will look cute. Zac has put in his request for a sweater now too. As daunting as that seems, I'm looking forward to it. To the challenge. And really he deserves it.

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Anonymous said...

When do you start accepting outside orders? :) Looks great!