February 11, 2010

Our Thanks

We had an awesome support team through the duration of our stay in the NICU. Emotional support, help entertaining Piper, bringing us weekly meals, and most importantly help caring for Calder. For those people we wanted to give a special thank you. We place great value on hand work in our house and wanted to craft something for those we could. I set out to make simple things; a scarf, dish cloths and most recently, the last of our thank yous, a hat for my sister, Camille.

After much, weeks, of deliberation Camille picked the same pattern I'd knit Zac for Solstice. Over lunch and yarn shopping at Lakeside Fiber she settled on a purple and green combination. Although leery at first, it turned out nicely.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


Camille said...

I Love my Hat!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love her Hat!!!!

~Christina :)

Emily said...

so cool!