July 07, 2010

Fabric Painting

I'm currently in the middle of a big project, well more like 17 small ones that make up a big one. A project that requires fabric paint, which Piper has eyed up on more than one occasion. Then I was caught red-handed by Piper when she came down from nap time the other day.

She wanted in! We dug out an old tee, some shopper paper (how do you get them to stop delivering that to you!) and a hummus container from the recycling and she set to work. Using nearly every color we had out for her wonderful creation. She was very intent, trying to be precise, as a two year old can be, with where she put the paint. We talked about what she was painting while she worked.

It's dinosaurs eating leaves. A boy dinosaur behind a girl dinosaur - of course!


Anonymous said...

I love it...look like her Impressionist phase. marmar

Stormy said...

I knew it was a dinosaur!! So fun.

HomeGrownMama said...

Impressionist - yes! The best part was when she wore it for the first time and the 5 yr old neighbor girl asked me, 'was she painting?' I told her that we painted tees and Piper's was dinosaurs. She then said to Piper, 'its so beautiful!'