July 06, 2010

Summer Loving

Weather was nearly perfect here for a long holiday weekend. Around our house though we were still nursing some sort of bug. Zac felt worn out all weekend and by Saturday morning Piper had developed a runny nose.

All of the plans we had made were broken. However, we made the most of our weekend doing what we could. A little picnic lunch, nature walk, playing at the state park was the highlight of our weekend. It was quite windy so we left the swimming for another day when the water wasn't so rough.

Ah, summer! How we love you - even when we're under the weather. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Camille said...

Love, love, love the Sancho picture.

HomeGrownMama said...

Yes! That is a good one and I should give credit where credit is due...Zac took that one.