July 02, 2010

A Standard Wednesday Celebration

The littles and I returned from Ninepatch yesterday evening. A quick visit for a big celebration. It was our standard celebration, as far as celebrations go at the farm. Family, food, and fire. Not standard in that it was on a Wednesday, Zac was missing - he had to work, but ended up home sick for two and a half days (poor guy) and we were celebrating 35 years of wedded bliss - now that doesn't come around everyday.

: : Lucky choice, farming, those farm houses come with big dining rooms- table for 16 : :
Picture by Hannah.

We so enjoy our time on the farm; surrounded by those that we love, fresh air, good food, good times, different books to read, and different toys to play with. Piper stayed up way past her bed time for the fire and was introduced to a sparkler, moved cows and visited chickens. Piper loves the farm, to the point of telling me yesterday that she was going to ask Marmar to stay. As soon as she found her, she did. And of course Marmar said yes. Had I brought extra clothes she'd still be 'farming'. But alas, she's home... but just to pack up some more clothes.

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