July 20, 2010

Of Things to Come

We had a busy weekend, followed by a quiet few days. Piper's busy farming, Zac's busy working, Calder's busy sitting/playing/talking/laughing, and me - I'm busy sewing.

Our summer days and nights are so full, as most of your's are too. It's tougher to get some time to do what I love. I've been working on some embroidery in the quiet hour(s) between bedtimes, but itching to get on my machine. Zac offered to help make this possible a few weeks back. So a couple times a week they all leave the house for a Mama-less after dinner walk. And I sew for a bit.

These kind of quiet days allow for more sewing. More new pint sized pieces of clothing to come...


Anonymous said...

You Rock Emmy.

Your work is fantastic and unique.

You do a great job of putting fabrics together. Your sense of color is the best!

When is the shop opening!


Cathy said...


HomeGrownMama said...

Thank you! I can't wait to see little Miss E in that jacket this fall.


Emily said...

oooohhh! I love it!