March 15, 2009

Farm Fresh Family Fun

Its lambing season! Today we ventured out to A-Z Farm in Oregon to visit the lambing barn. 106 lambs born so far this year. Soft, adorable and still a bit wobbly.

Picture by: HomeGrownPapa

One mama even gave birth while we were there. She was in the very back where no one could see her. I was hoping to witness a birth, Zac was not and glad we didn't.

Picture by: HomeGrownPapa

Piper was able to take in the feel and sounds all kinds of baby farm animals. As well as wool being spun into yarn and a sock knitting machine. Her favorite thing of all was the sheepskin booties and slippers they had for sale. An overall wholesome experience that I encourage all the Madison area families to try it out. The lambing barn is open for two more Sundays this month.

Since spring, it seems, has sprung we took advantage of the warm weather and went to the Henry Vilas Zoo with our out of town guests, Zac's sister Stephanie and her daughter Elsa. Piper learned a new animal sound to add to her repertoire from the lion. "ROAR" has been the sound of the weekend.

Hoping you all had a wonderful spring weekend!

Picture by: HomeGrownPapa

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