March 23, 2009

Hawk's Eye View

Photograph by Grandpapa

We spent our weekend at Ninepatch. Piper met the cows, helped feed the cows and mooed like a cow. She neighed like the horse and quacked like the guineas (she thought they were ducks.) This weekend was the meet and greet for my brother, Dylan's, soon to be in-laws. His fiancee (ha, have never called her that before), Joanna's, family and friends came to the farm Sunday.

Her family brought with them a hawk. Promptly after the humans ate the hawk was taken out to hunt for his lunch. Piper and Zac went along to watch. Due to my complete and utter disgust of birds (sorry you bird lovers) I opted for watching from a safe distance, namely the kitchen window.

Photograph by HomeGrownPapa

Photograph by HomeGrownPapa

Showing all the signs of a good weekend, Piper returned home completely worn out with rocks in her pockets. Hope your weekend was just as tiring.


Andrea said...

What an exciting weekend for the Hess Family! Great job on Piper's hat Emmy. You are so talented. Piper, great job modeling!

Irm said...

So nice that you got to go up to the farm for the weekend. I also would be watching the hawk from the kitchen window. It's nice that you got to meet Dylan's new family. Love Grandma