March 17, 2009

Oh Spring, where have you been!

Could it be, is spring here to stay? After a consecutive number of beautiful days, I'm hoping so. We've been out and about every possible moment, that mountain of laundry to fold can wait. And what better thing to do on such a nice spring day than take a late morning nap in the stroller. Or sit for a bit of knitting and watching your precious little one sleep.

I guess searching for ducks at the river really tuckers a little soul out. Or maybe it was the search for treasures at the antique mall. You'll be happy to know we did come away with a few, three vintage Bright & Early books for Piper and a few yards of vintage fabric and buttons for me.

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.
--Thornton Wilder

The few rough days we've had here and there since Piper's surgery has made me think more about the treasures we have in our life. Appreciate those treasures more. These are the things we need to remember. Like how Piper yells 'see ya' to Papa from the breakfast table as he heads out the door for work. Or how even at 14 months the world is even better when you're securely affixed to Mama's chest.

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