March 31, 2009

Sneak Peek

The last few days, since our trip to IKEA and Pottery Barn Kids on Saturday, have been dedicated to creating a play kitchen for Piper. This all began when Piper was given the Green Toy kitchen set as a gift. A girl can't have a kitchen set without a kitchen now can she. We wanted something Waldorf inspired, but something easily attainable by the carpentry handicapped...this is what we got. It's not finished yet, a few things left. I need to get thriftying for a just-the-right-size bowl to create the sink. The lack of completeness has not kept Piper from using it. She had all of her snacks today in her kitchen. When I told her what the silver container on the shelf was for she proceeded to take my utensils out of their spot and put them in her kitchen. I sacrificed one wooden spoon and eventually went to dig the spatula that her Marmar had given her months ago out of her toy basket. I'll post again when it's complete.

If you look closely you'll see her milk is in a 'regular', old school, sippy cup. Yes, our sweet babe can suck!


Anonymous said...


I love the kitchen Emmy!

Irm said...

We're so glad that Piper has a kitchen. We see how much Hannah like Callie's hand me down to Katie, to Lindsey's kitchen. Piper will have hours and hours of fun for many years and it will bring out her creativity of having tea. Yes I noticed the sippy cup and God has really blessed us with Piper healing so quickly and well.

Love all of you - Grandma

Anonymous said...

I love this little kitchen. Maybe in all your "spare" time you can whip us up one. LOL Can't wait for the girls to play kitchen together! I also noticed the cup, Awesome!


Camille said...
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Camille said...

I did pick up a few food items at the grocery that I thought had cute packages. When I was at Goodwill last week (and picked up the little top) I checked out their housewares department for cute, small items, but nothing struck me..
Where is the little kitchen?