March 19, 2009

Knits for babes

Last night I finished up the third project in a series of baby knits. Our friends had a baby girl last week which of course warranted some knitting. What better way to be welcomed into the world than with handknits. A pair of raspberry and purple booties. Made of yarn left over from Piper's winter hat and mitts with a pattern purchased from Etsy. And a little (really its so small) cotton hat, a pattern from the book One Skein, for this 'still a bit chilly' weather.

Also, I made another pair of Sucky Thumb Mittens, same pattern as Piper's, for one of my mom's apprentices' son. He, like Piper, has an aversion to mittens. Piper is a fan of using her fingers while wearing the mittens. They are a little bigger than the ones I made for her, so they are a little loose on my very compliant hand model. Hopefully, these will satisfy him and be large enough to last him till next fall/winter.

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