January 28, 2010


I recently read that you can judge how you're doing as a parent by how your children act. Not in the way most often thought. Sure a well behaved kid may be the result of good parenting. But it could just as easily be fear induced. Maybe I should say, how your children play. I'm referring to how your children mimic you, mirror you while they play. Since reading that I started to watch Piper and how she plays in relation to something we do as parents. Of course she uses the word no, what kid doesn't, even though we try to limit our own use. Much more consciously as of late. We strive to parent in a loving, kind way. So what a happy mama was I when I repeatedly see her

nursing her baby, Chloe

loving on and responding quickly with genuine concern when they fussed or got hurt

carrying her baby

And sewing - always for someone else, and baking loads of cookies (oops). I suppose so far so good.

Hope you're liking what you see in your homes.


Anonymous said...

I saw myself in the mirror today, scary stuff... I think I am in for it! Love all your posts, thanks for taking the time to share.


Anonymous said...

You got the parent of the year award from me when Piper decided to sit down and read Howie (our weiner dog)a book.

How sweet it was watching little Piper pause at the end of each page to make sure Howie saw every picture.

What a sweet, smart, and cute little lady you guys have.

Bless you little Piper!

The Johnson's