March 02, 2010

Afternoon Tea

Piper is great at, and really enjoys, pretend play. Not a day goes by that she doesn't pretend something. Many times it just copying things that Zac and I do through out the day. Sometimes it is completely wild creations she's come up with in her little head.

In our house there is tea nearly every day during those few minutes when the littles' naps over lap. After nap time this day we had tea time together. This time it was not pretend. Piper had picked out some new tea to try at the store. We brewed it up in her tea pot and added a bit of honey. I think the art of tea is lost at this age, she downed cup after cup. Maybe it was just that good to her or maybe she just liked pouring it into her cup.


Camille said...

She may not know to pace herself yet, but she has that pinkie down pat!! That is a Beautiful, beautiful picture of her!!
I'm stealing it!!

Camille said...

Sorry for the double exclamation marks. I realize its a little obnoxious...