March 23, 2010

Our Water Adventure

We took a quick excursion to a little indoor water park to stay in a mermaid themed room. For a bit of family r&r.

Perfect for the four and under crowd. Calder dipped his toes in, Piper enjoyed the slides...and the game room. Her obsessive button pushing paid off, she found a game that had left over tokens in it. Played and walked away with some tickets. Which she didn't want to trade in for a prize - they were prize enough.

Piper and I left the boys to sleep in on the second day and headed down to the pool. We had it all to ourselves and our bed head.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pip! I like your new polka dot swim suit. Love, marmar

Anonymous said...

Calder looks awesome in his old man sweater, I love it! And Piper didn't you know it's suppose to be a yellow polka dot bikini?

HomeGrownMama said...

The sweater is actually a bib Rylie knit for him. I'm not normally a bibbed baby kind of mama but this was a spitty day that required a cute bib.

Cathy said...

What waterpark did you go too?K

HomeGrownMama said...

Cathy - we went to Atlantis in the Dells.