March 15, 2010

Brightening Up

I decided that it was time to take the snow flakes down out of our living room windows. There is very little snow left around us (yeah!). But we've yet to have any greening going on. Lots of brown muddy looking yards in our neighborhood. Brightening was in order. In order to make good use of the lengthening days and the wonderful sun that has been around, I thought we could try some Waldorf inspired window stars.

They sure are cheery! I quite enjoyed making them. I tried two different methods of folding them, but much preferred one version and made most of ours from that process. Our family liked the rainbow ones best so we only have three of the solitary colored ones. It was an easy and quick project, maybe next time we make them Piper will have the skills to join in on the project. I encourage you to try them. I got our kite paper here and the tutorials for folding here and here.

I actually liked making them so much, I have four extra rainbow stars. I want to give them away to you. If you'd like one leave a comment by Wednesday night. If by some chance there are more than four of you that would like one we'll do a random~ pick-a-name-from-a-hat ~ drawing.

Keep it coming spring!

Edit: the window stars have been sent out. To the author of the lovely poem - you didn't sign your work. Email me if you'd still like a star.


Brent Jones said...

I would love one to put on the window in my playroom. It will make me smile when I look at it :o)

Anonymous said...

Hannah is now "sharing" her room with JP and she loves to decorate it for them. Please send us one with love! :)


Anonymous said...

The folks at Ninepatch would like one. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

roses are red, violets are blue, I need a pinwheel just like you!