March 25, 2010

Calder's Manly Vest v.2

One of the first things I knit for Calder was this vest. The 'Manly Vest', but it wasn't long before he out grew it. I had been itching to make him another, larger size, more neutral that he could get more wear out of.

Here it is, just in time for the cooler days of spring. This one went pretty fast. Helps to have been through the pattern once before. A nice neutral shade of light brown. This mama loves her brown - a vest that's sure to go with many things. If I've guessed the sizing right (the pattern is only one size) this should last him through summer and into fall.

There are a couple of knitting mamas that stop by this space on occasion that also have baby boys in their lives - if you're interested in trying out this pattern you can find for it here (for free!), it uses very basic techniques. I used worsted weight (Cascade 220, 'a good workhorse yarn' according to my brother, works nicely) and size nine needles.


Emily said...

so cute! I can't wait until my knitting skills are ready for this!

Camille said...

Love the vest. Both times around.