March 03, 2010

Little Helper

On our last library trip we got a Berenstain Bears book. A favorite of my siblings and I, Piper got a dose of the books at the farm. Its exciting to read about characters that fits the make-up of your family, Papa, Mama, Brother and Sister. How happy she was to find a book with those same characters at our library. How happy I was when the one she picked out was Help Around the House. She's a bit young yet to have any responsibilities around the house. But she's more than willing to help out with somethings, rinsing dishes for example is great fun. Or helping make a treat - particularly when there is potential to eat some of the chocolate chips.

I didn't think it was too early to start instilling the helping attitude. We don't feel like we should force her to help out, we'd rather that she feels part of the family, wanting to share the work that comes along with that. She's taken to the idea, while waiting for the chicken and potatoes to come out of the oven she set the table for our evening meal. Has done it twice now. I only put on the dishes and glasses to avoid broken items. Things don't make it to their 'proper place' if you will and the dressing perches precariously close to the edge, but close enough... close enough.

She also has taken to calling herself, and being called, Sister Bear. Makes me smile to hear her say, 'want to play with Sister Bear, Calder?'


Anonymous said...

Looks so nice!
Way to go Piper! Big girl helper.

Misty said...

mmm you made those famously delicious brownies! :)

Anonymous said...

Sister Bear... I love it! Brings happy tears to my eyes thinking or how sweet little ones can be.


Anonymous said...

what is that box an the counter in the brownie picture ?

HomeGrownMama said...

Indeed. Mortal sin in the eyes of my mama. However, I'm not kitchen savvy and when the cake batter calls for a box, I must follow.

yeoman said...

just hide the box before you take a picture

Misty said...

in all fairness though those brownies needed other ingredients, so it was sorta from scratch! ;)

Camille said...

I Love Sister Bear's attempt at setting the table. ADORABLE! And effective so long as no catastrophe ensues. The chocolate treats look delicious!
PS Mama's cheesecake comes from a box, following Gma Hartl's tradition, so I think She'll let you pass. ;)