March 31, 2010


It was a beautiful day! A day of walks and a picnic at the zoo. Only to be made more beautiful with a first time planting experience. Our seed order has yet to be delivered, but we could wait no longer. We planted some flower seed mix that Piper had been given by a friend. Piper is all for digging her hands into the dirt, this activity was up her alley.

We used an old egg carton that someone opened too roughly and ripped. Who could that be? Ahem. Figuring our egg supplier (Ninepatch) wouldn't need that one back I cut it up for a seed starter.

Covered in dirt and having sufficiently watered her work -twice, she was happy to inspect (dig her fingers in each compartment) and show off what she'd done. Not so willing to be patient, however. Piper wanted me to dump it into the flower bed to grow. It took some convincing but she settled on sitting it in the sun of the laundry room to watch for sprouts first.

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