April 15, 2010

A Good Morning

We woke up early (for us) this morning, for no particular reason. Normally this would make me groan, thinking that it will be a long day for an overly tired little one. But the windows were open and the fresh air was breezing in. I could hear the birds singing just beyond the windows and a little voice reading books to herself in the next room. I could see the sun was shining through the curtains and another little one smiling big from his spot at my side. I embraced it all and repeated my spring affirmation. I wasn't going to worry about crab that hadn't come to fruition yet, or the unwashed dishes from dinner last night, or even how behind I am on a project 'due' Saturday. I was just going to enjoy the day, and the outdoor play that was sure to come.

Recently our go-to outdoor play is drawing on the sidewalk. Piper received some sidewalk chalk this spring for the first time. She so loved the idea of drawing on the sidewalk and repeatedly talked about how the neighbor girl drew on the sidewalk. Our drawing sessions usually consist of all three (sometimes four) of us sitting, Calder in my lap, on the ground with the basket of chalk. Piper dictating what should be drawn by me while she makes her marks on the concrete. I don't fancy myself a artist, but so long as the requests are simple I can oblige - at least to her satisfaction.

Our home is just off the river trail in town. This means that we have many a jogger, walker and biker come down our sidewalk. I thought that we should spread a little cheer to all those that wander past us. I decided to write out a feel-good saying on our walk, a little something to provoke a smile, replacing them as it rains or wears off. I made myself a list to work off of. I feel much more confident about my penmanship than my drawing - this makes even makes me excited to use the chalk on the sidewalk.

You are my sunshine! Hope you have a wonderful day.

** If you're interested our spring break farming adventures were featured on the new Ninepatch blog yesterday. **

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