April 19, 2010

Weekend Doings

What a wonderful weekend. Spring weather all the way through. Some sun, some warmth, a lot of wind - we lost most of our started seeds when the tray blew off the picnic table. Hoping we have time to restart before planting time is upon us.

We started our weekend off with Calder and I attending a Holistic Health Care workshop Friday evening while Papa and Piper had their first solo date. A movie - a first for Piper. She did about as well as we had thought, lost interest part way into it and took off to playing. But excitedly told me about the puppy dog movie she saw with Papa the next morning.

Saturday we went to a bowling party. Our little lady dressed up for the occasion. Oh how I love her style. Barn boots to bowling - why not!? Paired with one of my favorite of her skirts. A brightly colored, flouncy number I made her last fall. She bowled a few frames with some help, then off to twirl, dance, and chase with some cousins.

Zac beat us, again. Beat everyone if I'm to trust my memory. He did bowl a practice game at lunch on Friday though. But in all fairness even without practice he always wins.

Calder and I teamed up to bowl together. We came in just behind Zac. Not. to. shabby. I give Calder full credit.

Sunday came with a bit of yard work, a bit of a run (oh yes siblings of mine I will not be the only Carlson that's not a runner), and a bit of alone Mama-rejuvenation time at the corner antique mall. With two littles about now, I've found that I need to really work to carve out a bit of solo time to recollect. Keep me fresh in my parenting. The icing on my hour alone cake was the small treasures I walked home with. Giddy I tell you.

Hoping your weekend was beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Piper that is exactly how I go bowling

Anonymous said...

I think that the arm cross was the part that really helped her game.