April 27, 2010

Anyone, please?

We've had a slow start to the week. Busy doing nothing. Over the weekend I came across something I think sounds very fun. I want to do this project, Week in the Life, and probably will. But I'm looking for some support. Anyone, please, anyone want to play a long with me?

I, unlike my mother and her mother, am not a journal-er. I kept one after Calder was born - I made it a mere six weeks. At least he can read back on those weeks when he's a grown man. Better than the nothing Piper has to look forward to. Also, I'm not a scrapbooker, but this looks simple enough to me. On the up side I do take quite a few pictures throughout our days and weeks. I think I can handle taking a multitude of them daily for a week. However, I think having others play along, will make me accountable for doing it and getting it done.

So again I ask...anyone, please?


Anonymous said...

I'll try it. When are you starting? Mama

Anonymous said...

I will, talk to Mama about when and I'll play along.

~ Christina

Storm said...

Hi Em.
First, Calder is looking like such a big boy in the first picture! Where is the time going?
Second, I read through Ali's directions. I am in. I love the idea of taking the pictures, writing the notes and gathering the items. I already fear the putting the pages together part. I've had the makings of a scrapbook for Brent that has never come to life. Perhaps this will light that fire . . . I think I will start tomorrow.