April 23, 2010

{this moment}

I know there are to be no words today. But we've had a busy week and I feel that there is more to share before it gets too far out. Above is my {this moment} from the week. The joys of new tricks.

Happy Earth Day! from yesterday. I hope you all got a chance to love your Mother. We went to our first, of many - I *hope*, midway picnics. Basically, where we meet my family half way between our homes for a picnic and playing at a park. This year we've added two new members to our picnic. My oldest brother, who recently became a stay-at-home-papa, and his gorgeous girl. My mama took pictures, maybe she'll have some she'll want to share.

Edit: The three pictures above come from Grandpapa and Marmar - of the midway picnic. Thanks!

We also had a day dedicated to the Papa of the house this week. He celebrated one more trip around the sun. Simple is usually best in our house so we settled for a special dinner, partially cooked by him, finished off with strawberry shortcake. How ever I couldn't resist Piper's enthusiasm for the day and requests to put up the party banner. After all we hang it on most special days at our house.

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Shonda said...

I love that your family does this. What a special time togther for Grandpapa, Marmar & all those aunties, uncles, and now cousins.