April 13, 2010

Back Together At Last

Photo by Piper

OoOoAhAh, Piper's trusty-do-everything-with friend, was on hiatus in the back of Zac's car since the last time she was in it - months ago. We were surprised when she left him in there and shocked that she hadn't asked for him since. Yesterday, we got in his car and they were reunited - AT LAST! A joyous reunion for her. Somehow he didn't get a bath while in the backseat, how could that be?!

Old friends back together, a relationship that picked up right where they left off. The last two days have been spent doing things with him, for him, to him, kissing him and mostly just rubbing him on her face.

Sorry Chloe, she just loves her monkey.


Anonymous said...

Love it...

HomeGrownMama said...

Andrea - thanks for giving her the monkey that started this obsession.

Camille said...

Ya, I was soo surprised when you said he'd been benched. Glad OoOo has all the affections again.