April 08, 2010

Half a Year

Could it be? Have we really spent half a year together already?! Indeed we have. We've loved every - even the hard ones - minute of it. We're so blessed to have Calder in our lives. He's a happy, funny, smiley, growing and changing everyday little-big man. He completes our little family perfectly. And has yet to out grow the completely adorable surprise at the flash. How long will these wide-eyed photos last?

We've been busy. The littles and I spent last Thursday and Friday at Ninepatch for 'spring break'. The weather was gorgeous. Sunny like you wouldn't believe. Shoes and socks off, pants rolled up, tank top wearing warm. And productive, I just love how there is always projects to be done when extra helping hands are aplenty.

A weekend at the other end of the state with Zac's family, then off Monday morning to tag along on Zac's business trip. How five hours in the car seems like ten when one of the passengers is a nursling. The littles and I spent Monday evening and Tuesday on our own in Minneapolis while Zac tended to business. Complete with a full day at the Minnesota Children's Museum. Had we not had to pick Zac up we could have spent two or three more hours there. Full of fun, play based learning. Its unfortunate when you remember to bring your camera and then leave the SD card in your car when you transfer to the rental car. How many fun pictures I saw, but missed documenting.

Yesterday was spent tackling the large To-do list of catch up around here. We're starting to settle back in. Realizing that we're all home-bodies, who like being in our space and our bed most of all.


Anonymous said...

Whoo, CALDER! He is the best little big man I know. Is Piper finally big enough to wear her shirt?

HomeGrownMama said...

Big enough for the second time around. The shirt is size 6 months! I had it in Calder's basket but noticed that it looked about her size. It fits perfectly. She's ready for farmers market with Grandpapa this summer.