April 02, 2009

Flower Power

(For the Divine Ms A)
There were a few minutes yesterday, before dinner needed to be made and nothing else needed my attention. Piper was happily playing on her own so I did some playing of the mama kind. A friend had emailed me some pictures of a little something she wanted for her daughter. I've been itching all week to find some time to try to create something along the lines of what she wanted. This is the result of my few minutes.

Super simple and super cute. Hoping your day is a fun one.


Anonymous said...


That's is too cute! Love it! Just like the picture. When's the shop aka Homegrown Hess opening up!
Can't wait to craft with you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what with your amazing sewing abilities I was thinking if you had some spare time maybe you would want to make me a awesome jacket like Piper's. I'm in need of one for spring and would be willing to pay you for your efforts through monopoly money. Let me know if you are interested.