April 09, 2009

10 Things I Love Right Now

1. That Mother Nature insists on proving me wrong. I say winter weather is
coming back, up pops spring.

2. There is more green than brown in our little world.

3. Feet, tiny feet...even better when covered in dirt.

4. Our first trip to the playground this year. Along with the discovery of a new
source of enjoyment, the slide.

5. The joys of swinging for an hour.

6. Sun tea.
7. Having another pair of hands, as little as they maybe, to help in the
gardens...even if those little hands are really only helpful with filling
their pockets with stones.

8. My earth baby and her desire to rub leaves and sticks into her hair.

9. That today is sandwiched between a visit from Zac's family and a
visit with some friends.

10. Having the doors open.


Trisha said...

Piper looks so cute putting the leaves and sticks in her hair...how funny!

Anonymous said...


Love the shades:) You need a pic with them on!

Happy Friday.

Storm said...

I love the pics! Brent can't get enough of outside and dirt. At least Piper just puts the rocks in her pockets. . . Brent is still in the "taste everything" stage and those rocks would no doubt be found in tomorrows diaper!