April 22, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

The sun has decided to show it's face again. We're thankful! Although the rain was good for everything that is growing around here, for sewing and guitar playing. Its not good for outdoor activity.

I made this sun hat for Piper over the weekend and today is the first day where it was actually appropriate to wear it. The outfit doesn't coordinate with the hat, but I didn't feel a wardrobe change was necessary for this mini photo shoot. I think I'll make another that isn't so outfit limited, if you will. I think it will serve her well on our upcoming family vacation.

Also, making their debut appearance today are my labels. After talking about it for so long, I finally have labels to sew into my work. Minor to some, major for me. Like an artist being able to sign their work. (Not that I'm comparing my sewing to art...those of you artists in my family.) There is a label in the hat. But my hand sewing leaves a little, maybe a lot, to be desired so no picture.

1 comment:

Stormy said...

Love the hat. I've been looking for one for Brent however I have a feeling he's not going to keep one on unless I can braid it into his hair!! You are sooo talented! The labels look great.