April 05, 2009

Escaping Indoors

It seems I've jumped on the spring bandwagon just a bit early. Although we didn't get the eight (!) inches of snow that was predicted, we did get a dusting and even that was discouraging to the spirit. We did sneak in a walk around town Saturday. Bundled in our winter gear, but a walk none the less. To add a little fun to this expected return of winter today we planned to go to the Madison Children's Museum for free family Sunday.

There were many interesting and educational things to do and see. Along with a lot of other kids, Piper's must have element for a fun day. The picture of Piper on her back is when Zac put her in the funnel for pennies, she loved it. Some of her favorite exhibits involved musical instruments. Lately, Zac has been taking guitar lessons. Piper enjoys practicing 'with' him. I'm pretty sure that she thinks that every song he plays is for her. Oh, the joys of being a toddler.

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Anonymous said...

So Zac is trying to give Piper away to charity in the coin collector. I'm not sure they except donations of that sort. HA.