April 17, 2009

Bread and Art

I delved into the world of homemade bread. So far, so good. I got the itch last night after our after dinner walk. I set to work. By five after ten I had two hot loaves and a scrumptious smelling home. It was sheer bliss to go to bed with that smell. There is something so wholesome about having fresh baked bread in the house. I guess it reminds me of growing up with my mama's homemade bread. I got one decent looking loaf and one slightly wonky. I'll get there.

Piper got a delivery yesterday, eco art supplies of the toddler kind. Rock crayons made of soy wax, triangular colored pencils and washable markers. We had to roll out the drawing paper on the floor, the art table/station is not finished...OK not really started. She didn't seem to notice it's absence. Welcoming the wonderful world of scribbling, I mean art.

She took the cover off the marker just after I took the picture, no worries. Although she got more on her hands than on the paper. Ah, washable...

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