April 20, 2009

Weekend Doings

We had a rainy, gray weekend. Plans for yard work were put on hold to hole up inside for the most part. Saturday we ventured out to see Tom Pease. A singer that my family would see at Log Jam in Wausau when I was young. Piper danced, sang and showed off her belly button (when that was called for, of course.) It was a good time. Sunday we went to an Earth Day cookout at our co-op. We missed out on our chance to ride in an electric car, they didn't show, and got rained on midway through lunch.

One good aspect of the weekend was the completion of Piper's play kitchen. Originally posted about here. It's still not in it's final resting place upstairs, Zac wanted to keep it downstairs for a bit longer. We're happy with how it turned out. And of course no project around here is really complete without some mama sewing. I made an apron and some napkins (which look more like potholders because of their miniature size.)

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Anonymous said...

Piper has a better kitchen ware collection than I do! Lucky lady.