January 24, 2010

Weekend Doings

There are no pictures from our weekend. Its unfortunate. We had a time. But really what would I show; the mess of project spread far and wide over the dining room table, the dirty dishes and pan from the pulled pork we brought to footballing at the neighbors?

Oh yes, I know, pictures from our night at the roller derby. Specifically, the Mad Rollin' Dolls Roller Derby. Opening night and quite the crowd. That is the down side of having the large (but very nice) camera we do. I opted to leave it home, choosing to not have to fight it through the crowd. Already being larger in the front that normal. There were lots of ladies on skates, wild hair and costumes/uniforms for Piper to see. And of course an auntie and her boyfriend to entertain. We never knew that roller derby had so many rules. Forty-one pages worth we're told. Being new to this we spent much of the first bout getting a grasp of the sport. But what fun. Such competition and camaraderie amongst the teams. It was like a family, a sisterhood to be more precise. A sport full of its own ritual. When a player was injured everything stopped - everything, the music, the commentary and all skaters, from all teams, dropped to their knees. I think we'll be back.

On another completely unrelated subject, I wanted to share some of our current books in rotation for the little book worms in your life. I like to choose our books in themes - I know, quirky - our current theme is winter and those things related. Most are a general winter tale but there is one specific to the solstice. I'm liking the winter books so much that I'm planning on doing a seasonal book selection. Keeping them out for all of their appropriate season in addition to our other books.
The Mitten by Jan Brett: A favorite of many I'm sure. In Piper's words, 'about a boy Nicki.' But so much more than that. A wonderful interpretation of an Ukrainian folktale.

It's Snowing by Olivier Dunrea: A cute read about a mama showing her baby about the snow.

The Big Snow by Berta and Elmer Hader: A lovely tale of how the animals and birds of the hill and woodland prepare for the change of season and then endure the winter.

Just a few of the large group we're enjoying right now. I'm hoping the winter book reading will inspire me to finish up the winter nature table.

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