January 17, 2010

Weekend Doings

Our weekend was full of fun times, new experiences and family. With the weather mild we ventured out to try our hand (feet) at ice skating. The adults had not been on the ice in many, many years. Our little loves had never been on the ice. Daunting at first, but after the protesting was abandoned Piper decided that she liked it. Calder remained snug and warm in the mei tai with mama. Things were a little frostier this morning. Amazing how nature is still full of beauty in such a dreary season.

: : Ice skating : :

: : Morning view : :

Hoping your weekend was full of much the same.

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Grandma said...

How wonderful to see Piper and Auntie Hannah,s big smiles.What a wonderful family activity ice skating is. I remember as a kid going ice skating on the river until we couldn't feel our toes. It was a real challenge going home. As always, Oma would be making hot coco while Papa would rub our feet under cold running water. It was a very beautiful frosty morning for as too as we headed out to church. What a great day! Love, Grandma